Diamond Ag Research, Inc. exists to provide excellent quality
agriculture field research and testing for our customers.


Diamond Ag Research conducts a variety of trials including:

Diamond Ag Research

Diamond Ag Research, Inc.

Doug and Cathy Nord founded Diamond Ag Research as a service organization and exists to serve our clients. Each agricultural research project is important to us because we know how important it is to our clients. Each trial is conducted using scientifically sound, unbiased research principles, with results promptly and accurately reported. Dedicated professionals and independent quality assurance ensures that we help you stay on track with your product development.

Diamond Ag Research operates a research farm in Central Kansas, 4 miles south of Larned, Kansas on Highway K-19. Diamond Ag Research conducts multiple field sites and multiple location trials for nearly 20 crops in Kansas EPA Regions V and VIII.

Diamond Ag Research conducts research on a wide variety of crops. Agricultural trials are under complete client confidentiality. Specify the crop, area needed, required cultural practices, and irrigation needs. Contact us if we can be of assistance to your company in developing your products.


Diamond Ag Research offers full time positions, summer internships and fall internships